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The bridge between Wal-Mart and its vendors

More and more Wal-Mart/Sam's Club are relying on their suppliers to manage their own business. Wal-Mart created, maintains and constantly enhances Retail Link in order for their suppliers to make the most informed mutually beneficial decisions. Anyone that supplies product to Wal-Mart/Sam's Club can gain access to Retail Link for FREE.

Retail Right can assist with analyzing your Retail Link data and interpreting the results in order to build a compelling story to share with your buyer. Retail Link is vital for the success of your business at Wal-Mart and for discovering opportunities to grow your business.

Retail Link is...
Retail Link is... a decision support system
Retail Link is... a bridge between Wal-Mart and its vendors
Retail Link is... an address you can visit via Internet

The Wal-Mart Retial Link address is...

Do you need to know...

  • Instock %, are you meeting Wal-Mart's target of 98.5%?
  • Determine which stores are out of stock?
  • Overall growth of total stores vs. comparable stores?
  • 10 yrs. of historical sales?
  • New item performance and distribution?
  • Sales performance by store?
  • On hand inventory/weeks on hand based on sell-through rate?
  • P & L analysis-are too many markdowns eroding the profitability?
  • Top/bottom sellers?
  • Sales lift from promotional activities?
  • How to set-up a 52 Week Budget and monitor weekly results?

Consumer Insights:

  • Repurchase cycle time of your item?
  • Percentage of Wal-Mart customers that buy your product?
  • Top 10 items that are purchased with your item (within your department/outside of your department)?
  • Average basket size of consumers that bought your item?
  • Purchase quantities per basket?

Do you need a comprehensive presentation of your business results to review with your Wal-Mart/Sam's Club buyer?

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